Common Orthodontic Issues

Crowding of the teeth

crowding of the teeth beforeBefore
crowding of the teeth afterAfter

John started treatment at age 12 and wore braces for 22 months. 

Open bite - Front teeth don't touch

open bite beforeBefore
open bite afterAfter

Hailey sucked her thumb and had an open bite; she wore Invisalign aligners and elastics to correct her bite, and now she can enjoy the foods she loves.

Deep overbite - Lower front teeth bite into palate

deep overbite beforeBefore
deep overbite afterAfter

Sam needed braces to correct his severe overbite as his lower teeth were biting into the roof of his mouth.  After treatment, his bite relationship is balanced thus preventing further damage to his front teeth and jaw joints.  

Missing lateral incisors

missing lateral incisors beforeBefore
missing lateral incisors afterAfter

Rachel was born missing two front teeth. She had braces for 20 months to move the teeth into their correct positions, and then the missing teeth were replaced with implants.

Underbite - Lower front teeth in front of upper teeth

underbite beforeBefore
underbite afterAfter

Jennifer's underbite was causing her jaw joint discomfort and excessive wear on her teeth. After treatment to correct her bite, she now finds smiling and chewing much easier.

Spacing of teeth

spacing of teeth beforeBefore
spacing of teeth afterAfter

Alex disliked the spaces between his teeth. Invisalign aligners closed the spaces and gave him an ideal bite.  His retainers keep the spaces closed after his treatment was complete.

Overjet - Protruding front teeth

overjet beforeBefore
overjet afterAfter

At age eleven, Madison had a big overjet with the top teeth protruding far in front of the bottom teeth.  She wore braces and elastics to correct the overjet and loves her improved smile!

Early (Phase-One) treatment

non braces treatment beforeBefore
non braces treatment afterAfter

Sometimes early monitoring of the teeth can help tooth and jaw development. Katie was first seen at age seven for crowding of the lower permanent teeth. Early intervention allowed the lower front teeth to straighten in nine months and decrease the possibility of full braces later on.

Early (Phase-One) treatment

phase 1 beforeBefore
phase 1 afterAfter

Emma's parents were concerned about both aesthetics and the health of the erupting permanent teeth when they brought her for her first check-up at age eight. The lower front teeth were crowded and touching the palate, and the upper front teeth were extremely displaced from their normal positions. After 12 months of early treatment with an expander and partial braces, Emma's dental function and appearance were vastly improved.

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